Frequently Asked Questions.

When should I book my appointment?

For us, fittings need to begin 6-8 weeks ahead of the wedding date or travel date. Always plan ahead as we book up quickly. To get the first pick of the dates and time slots, contact us early and we can help guide you.

How many Fittings will I need?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of fittings. The amount of alterations needed as well as things like scheduling and the clients comfort all factor in to how we schedule appointments.

Typically for Bridal clients, it averages about 3 fittings and then a final pickup.

When do I pick my dress up and what do I do after I have it?

We meticulously press each gown before it leaves the studio.

For this reason, we suggest picking the dress up as close to the wedding date as possible.

Once the gown is picked up, it should be brought somewhere clean and free from things like food smells or pets. If the gown has a train, the train should be let down and everything removed from the bag including the veil. Hang the dress as high up as you can and spread the veil and the train out to avoid re-wrinkling.

Other formal dresses should be kept out of the plastic garment bags when not in transit.

How much do alterations cost?

There is no minimum or maximum cost for alterations.

It is impossible to guess a cost over the phone or email without seeing the actual work on you and in person.

Generally, 85% of our alterations fall between $550 and $800.

If you would like a consultation, there is a $50 fitting fee. Please understand this is to cover the time it takes to meet you and give you a proper fitting. If you continue with us for the alterations process, this fee is waived.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We currently accept cash, check or venmo for payment.

You may pay your alterations as you like throughout the fitting process.

However, if there is a balance left for your final fitting/pickup, we do not accept checks.

What should I bring with me to my fitting?

You MUST bring your shoes with you to your fittings.

We do not recommend a "similar" shoe as styles may be different and we cannot accurately do your hem or bustle without THE SHOES. For your first fitting, we recommend you bring any undergarments you are thinking you might like to try. Spanx, hose, bras, tape- whatever you are thinking, we should discuss it or try it all then. We have bust cups and other things as well but whatever makes you feel your best, we will try to work with. Anything you wear underneath effects the fit so we must see it on you to get an accurate picture.

Where are you located?

Our studio location is in Higganum, Connecticut close to Rt. 9

We are also able to service our more Eastern clients at The Brides Nest in Mystic, Connecticut.

(Part of Love Bird Bridal Shop)

Our Brides Nest 2020 appointments are available Tuesday evenings or Sunday Mornings.